A plumbing system plays a critical part in every homeowner’s way of life, but most plumbing flaws are out of plain sight. Dripping faucets, clogged toilets and slow running shower heads are all visible plumbing problems. However, there are few signs in your plumbing to watch for that you may not be aware of. Failing to take notice of these problems could result in serious plumbing issues, leaving you with a mountain of repairs. Take notice of these signs early and contact Mike Stern Plumbing if you need professional assistance.

Slow Drains

If your drain slows down repeatedly in the kitchen or bathroom sink, you most likely think it is just a simple clog in the system that should pass on its own. However, the problem could be a pressure imbalance in your pipes. As water flows through your plumbing system pipes it pushes air ahead of it, creating vacuum-like suction behind it. Plumbing systems are balanced to handle this airflow and if pressure becomes imbalanced it can cause drains to slow down and become backed up.

Hard Water

Most homeowners are unaware of the issue of hard water. When running water flows it should be clean and free of visible substances, but if there are flaky, white chalk-like materials on your sinks or dishes after use then there are excess minerals in your water. The substance left behind is called limescale, and if left untreated could cause damage to the home’s water-based appliances.

Strong Sewage Smell

The smell of sewage may come in waves, so it is possible to go unnoticed, especially if the homeowner frequently cleans the bathroom or sprays fragrances to camouflage the stench. The smell of sewage can be warning signs of a leaky or ruptured pipe in your bathroom plumbing, which could lead to a potential health risk for you and others in your household.

If you notice any of these signs occurring or other plumbing issues are happening around your home, do not hesitate to call upon Mike Stern Plumbing. Our experienced professionals are licensed and capable of resolving your plumbing issues day or night. Don’t hesitate to call on your Los Angeles plumber, Mike Stern.