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The pipes in your home are no longer working properly. The foul-smelling sludge they deliver can hardly be called water, and you certainly don’t want to bathe or cook with it. So you called Mike Stern Plumber to remove your old galvanized pipes and install a fancy new set of copper pipes. These durable, lifetime guaranteed pipes have returned the supply of fresh water to your home, but one question remains: What do I do with my old pipes? Fortunately, there are a variety of novel uses for old pipes, many of which fit perfectly with the unique styling that Los Angeles homeowners love to embrace.


Galvanized pipes may not hold up great over time when it comes to transporting water, but they’re great as support elements for furniture. The main problem with galvanized pipe is the tendency for corrosion on the inside of the pipes, which fouls your drinking water. But structurally they hold up quite well. When repurposed as a frame for a table, your old pipes can enjoy a whole new life as a piece of modern/retro furniture. And not only do furniture pieces like this look great; they’re also recycled.

Art Pieces

Galvanized pipe is also a great material for sculptors to work with. If you have excess pipe lying around, you might consider donating it to a local artist and seeing what he or she comes up with. Or, you can take advantage of the free material to explore your own creative side. Because these pipes are usually threaded already, you can put together some interesting shapes without even learning to weld.


If you have leftover PEX pipe – those big plastic pipes – you can glue them together to make a great wine organizer or a place to store your hairdryer. Arranging them in asymmetrical formations can give you a unique piece for your kitchen or bathroom, and they’re handy too. They make a great wine rack and, because you make it yourself, they can accommodate as many bottles as you want.