Garbage Disposal 2

A garbage disposal is a fantastic addition to any homeowner’s kitchen when used properly. It can reduce the amount of time spent cleaning, prevent odors and improve hygiene. In order to keep this appliance in top shape it requires regular maintenance to prevent malfunction. Many homeowners find it odd when their disposal breaks down but breakdowns are always possible just like any appliance that runs in constant use. There are a few tips homeowners can resort to notice the signs for garbage disposal repair.

Causes of Garbage Disposal Failure

Depending on a plumber Chatsworth residents count on most is the best solution anyone can resort to whenever the garbage disposal breaks down. First we can help you understand the causes of garbage disposal failure. The most common causes of garbage disposal failure that we encounter include:

Grease and fat poured down the disposal: No one should ever consider pouring down grease and fatty particles down any drain and that includes disposals. These liquids harden as they cool off in the drain which can also jam the flywheel in the disposal.

Excess amount of chicken bones, food debris and starches: No garbage disposal is indestructible. Advertisers may claim their blades will last forever, but that is unlikely. Large bones, large food crumbs, and starchy foods can be harmful to the disposal blade and cause constant drain clogs.

Poor disposal installation: This is a rare but big problem for emergency plumbers so the first thing to be sure is that you are hiring a dependable company to install your garbage disposal. If you inherited a disposal upon moving into your home then you may need a plumbing contractor to inspect the system to ensure the disposal drains properly and does not use too much power in the process.

Whenever there are leftover food particles you can resort to natural methods of disposal that does not involve throwing wasting them in a garbage can. According Earth Easy, instead of throwing items such as coffee grounds or eggshells down a garbage disposal that get stuck over time compost these items in your garden or lawn. Composting is a simple way to add nutrient-rich fuel for plants and grass to grow as they restore vitality to depleted soil.

Contact the Plumber Chatsworth Clients Trust

If there is ever a situation where the garbage disposal fails to get the job done or a clog starts building up in your kitchen then it is best to get in touch with a plumbing contractor. Get the best emergency plumber Chatsworth residents choose most often to repair or replace your garbage disposal. Call the 24hr plumber Chatsworth office at (818) 647-1207.