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Earthquake Valve Installation in Chatsworth, CA

In order to protect you, your property, and your neighbors from some of the common dangers associated with earthquakes, we offer earthquake valve installation services among our many services. Earthquake valves can help prevent deadly gas leaks in the event of increased seismic activity.

Types of Shutoff Valves

There are two main types of earthquake valves: those triggered by excessive motion and those that sense excessive gas flow. Determining the most appropriate earthquake valve for your property is one of the things our technicians do best.

Motion Sensing Valve

A motion-sensing caged ball sensor is the more common earthquake valve type. A ball sits on a small ring within the gas line. When the line shakes violently – as the result of an earthquake – the pipe moves and the ball drops off the ring, effectively blocking the flow of gas.

Gas Sensor

The second type of earthquake valve employs a small sensor that tracks the flow of gas. When the flow accelerates, as the result of a leak, the valve shuts it off. However, these valves may not be effective at detecting slow leaks. Likewise, the caged ball valves do not detect leaks, only movement. Fortunately, our skilled technicians can determine the best earthquake valve for your home or business.
Earthquake valves are mandated by California law, insurance providers, and gas companies. Call us today to receive a free estimate. 818-701-0053